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Loto-Québec is an organization to develop and operate lotteries in Québec.

Loto-Québec's Mission

Loto-Québec’s mission is to assure the systematic and effective operation of games of chance in the province.

Created in 1969 to implement a public lottery, the Corporation has since been entrusted by its shareholder, the Government of Québec, with various new mandates that have seen it considerably diversify its activities over the years. In addition to a State lottery, the Corporation now operates three casinos, related restaurant and hotel services, a video lottery network, along with network bingo activities. The Corporation is also active in international markets, offering products and services developed within its various areas of competence.

Loto-Québec returns much of its proceeds to the provincial government. In 2005 Loto Quebec generated almost 4 billion dollars in revenue. (This is over $500 per person living in Quebec). Of the these revenues, about 50% is handed over to the Provincial Government, 25% goes to administration expenses and 25% is paid out to the "winners".

In recognition of its social responsibilities, the Corporation finances a program for the prevention and treatment of compulsive gambling, while taking its own actions to combat dependency on gaming. Despite these efforts compulsive gambling addictions, and gambling related crime and violence are on the increase in Quebec.

Moreover, the Corporation manifests its social commitment in numerous other ways, including through its financial support of community action and its sponsorship program that generates significant economic spin-offs throughout Québec.

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